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Dimitri Mishkin is the Minister of Defense of Russia. When the Severnaya Facility is practically destroyed by the Goldeneye satellite, Mishkin unaware of the Goldeneye immediately blames the English Government and James Bond. Mishkin immediately sets out to find Bond not knowing that there is another Goldeneye satellite because of General Ourumov's traitorous lies to the highest members of the Russian Government. Mishkin quickly finds Bond and the missing Severnaya technician Natayla Simonova they are taken to a Russian Base in St. Petersburg whilst interrogating Bond and Simonova, he finds out the truth of Ourumov's betrayal and the second Goldeneye satellite- Mishca. Ourumov storms into the interrogation, Mishkin orders the single guard in the room to arrest the General but Ourumov grabbing Bond's gun shoots the guard and Mishkin.

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